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What's Better for Your Rental Property? Paint or Wallpaper?

So you’ve made the decision to redo the walls of your rental property – But what’s the better investment, wallpaper or paint?

When It Comes To The Preparation Process?

Removing wallpaper can be tedious, and usually requires more effort and care than painting preparations to ensure the removal process doesn’t damage any walls. Paint also offers the opportunity to repair imperfections using spackle, making paint a good chose if your Wellington investment property has damaged walls.

When It Comes To Durability?

Compared to paint, wallpaper usually has higher durability and will survive the wear and tear of children and tenants better, as paint can easily chip when walls get damaged, scraped or hit, making repairing and repainting often more necessary after 2-3 years. This durability means wallpaper can last 10-15 years, making wallpaper a good option for Wellington rental properties.

When It Comes To Price?

Both wallpaper and paint are available in a wide range of prices, however on average the initial cost of wallpaper rolls can be more pricy than paint, as paint requires fewer supplies. In saying that, wallpaper can be more cost-effective as it last longer and usually require less repairs, making both options on equal ground when it comes to total cost.

Final Word:

No matter what you chose, both options will help transform your property into a comfortable home that will help attract tenants, decrease tenant turnover, and significantly increase the rental value of your Wellington investment property for years to come, making both options an excellent investment to help increase profits. What's best for your rental property depends on what your priorities are, however paint is easy to apply, allows you to repair imperfections in the wall, and is the less expensive alternative, making it a good option for many rental properties in Wellington.

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