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Struggling to keep your home warm and dry this winter? Here are some key tips.

We all want to feel cozy and warm in our homes as winter approaches. Most people find it hard to keep their house warm and dry and some even have health issues from living in the damp and cold property.

Here are some key tips that we find it effective to help you keep your house warm and dry.

1. Reduce condensation

Condensation makes the house damp and difficult to heat. Dampness also can cause mould to grow. What we can do to reduce dampness in the house:

  • Turn on the extractor fans when/after showering and cooking or open a window.

  • Use lids on pots when cooking/boiling.

  • Keep bathroom and kitchen doors closed when in use to prevent steam from entering the rest of the house.

  • Avoid drying clothes inside. If you have no other choice, make sure windows are kept open and use a dehumidifier if you have one.

  • Wipe down windows affected by condensation each morning with a squeegee and clean towel

2. Open/close curtains

Curtains help keep your house warm. Make sure you open your curtains in the morning to let the sun's heat in. Close the curtains just before sunset to keep the cold out and prevent the heat from escaping.

3. Draught-proof windows and doors Check there aren’t any draughts coming in through any windows or doors, as this will make your house cold. Roll out the door snakes. They are basic but effective, and are especially worth putting alongside exterior doors. Improve the seal around cat door with rubber insulation tape.

4. Air your house Make sure you open your windows for a short period of time every day. This allows circulation of fresh air which aids in keeping your house dry and reducing mould/mildew.

5. Get rid of mould

Mould loves to grow in damp and wet places and can cause health problems. Clean mould immediately with a cloth and a vinegar solution (Mix 1 part white vinegar with 1 part water and pour into a spray bottle. Spray the solution onto the affected area and leave it to sit for half an hour. Wipe the surface with a damp cloth. Allow to dry.)

6. Use of heat pump

If you have a heat pump, set the thermostat between 18 and 21 degrees to combat damp and cold. Above 21 degrees, it gets more and more expensive to heat. Keep doors closed to rooms that aren't in use. Make sure to clean the heat pump filter regularly, before winter sets in and then every three months.

It is important to keep the house warm and dry. By following the above tips, we hope you can help keep yourself and your family warm and healthy and prevent moisture-related issues from occurring in the property you are living.

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