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What Features Increase Rent in Wellingto
18 Key Factors that have Greatest Influence on Rent
Too often properties only need a few tweaks to earn significantly more rent. Discover the key factors that influence rent and attract high tenant demand
Ultimate Guide to Healthy Homes Standards
Preparing your rental property for the Healthy Homes Standards is essential. We share everything you need to know to ensure your investment meets the requirements.
What are the Hidden Costs of Managing My
Hidden Costs of Self Management
Find out what hidden costs are costing you money and affecting your cash-flow, reducing your investment's potential.
Comparing Costs of Self Management verus
Costs of Self Management v Property Management
Understand and compare the different costs involved to help you decide what's best for your investment property.
Finding the Right Tenant
We take you through all the steps for finding the right tenant. From understanding your demographic and marketing your property, to making the right checks and retaining great tenants.
Eight-Laws Cover.jpg
Eight Laws All Landlords Need to Know
To make things simple our Property Managers have outlined the top laws all NZ landlords must know to ensure they and their investment continues to be compliant.
Landlord's Guide to Pets - Cover.JPG
Landlord's Guide to Pets in Rental Properties
Pets can create stress for any property owner, especially investors who can't keep an eye on things. Reduce the risk and keep peace of mind with these tips.
5 Steps to Reducing Landlord Maintenance
How to Reduce Landlord Maintenance Costs
Maintenance is an ongoing necessity in rental properties that can stagger your cash-flow. Find out how to reduce your maintenance costs and protect your cash-flow.
What Landlords Need To Do When Leaving N
Checklist for Landlords Leaving NZ
Find out how to reduce enquires while you're away, how to ensure all your admin stays organised, and how to ensure your investment continues being successful while you're away.
How to Resolve Rent Arrears.JPG
Guide to Getting Back Rent Arrears
Know the best approach to successfully getting back rent arrears and preventing any future arrears.
How to Retire Early with Property Investing
Our Wellington Property Managers explain the benefits of property investing, why it's a safe investment, and how you can create a better, earlier retirement.
How to Choose  A Good Property Manager i
Guide to Choosing a Property Manager
Interested in spending more time investing and with famiy, and less looking after tenants?​ Discover how you can know a property manager is the right fit for your investment property
Wellington Rent Analysis & Forecasts
We analysis market data and trends since 1993 & form detailed market forecasts for the next 12 months & coming decade.
Guide to Finding Profitable Suburbs_Weli
How to Find Profitable Properties in Wellington
Successful investing doesn't happen by chance.​ Understand the triggers of value rises before investing, ensuring a successful investment that grows in value on its own.
Buy off the Plan Investment Properties.J
Guide to Successfully Buying Off-the-Plan
Confidently invest in off-the-plan properties, avoid the risks, and successfully grow your investment portfolio with this guide.
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