Living Room

Property Inspections

It is our duty to ensure that the property is being looked after and appropriately cleaned. There will be an initial inspection 1 month into your tenancy, and routinely every 3 months thereafter. You will be advised of the scheduled date at least 48 hours in advance.

The types of things we will be checking include:


  • Curtains to be left open during the day to allow air and light circulation and to prevent mould/mildew issues on windows and backs of curtains. 

  • Aluminium window frames to be clean of mould and mildew.

  • Floors to be mopped clean and carpeted areas well vacuumed.

  • Kitchen bench and surfaces clear and clean.

  • Oven and stove top cleaned inside and out.

  • Heat pump filters cleaned (vacuumed or gently washed with warm water).

  • Bath, vanity and shower surfaces clean and walls clean. Showers need to be wiped after use to prevent long term staining from water.

  • Toilet clean inside and out.

  • Range hood filters clean (dishwashing liquid can be used).

  • Dishwasher filters clear and dishwasher cleaned around edges of the door. We recommend dishes are rinsed before being loaded into the dishwasher.

  • Lawns mowed and gardens tidy, section clear of any rubbish.

  • Heavy condensation dried away off windows and frames to prevent damage.

  • We will also check for leaks in areas such as under the kitchen sink, laundry tub and bathroom vanity, as well as around the hot water cylinder, so we will be opening these cupboards.

In Wellington’s climate it is normal to have to wipe and clean off mould and mildew regularly, however persistent issues should be reported to your Property Manager. We need to be able to see the floor and behind furniture to minimise the risk of undetected leaks or other problems. We would appreciate your co-operation in preparing for the inspection.


Please note you don't need to be home during the inspection, but you are welcome to attend and discuss any maintenance concerns you have.