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Why Choose Quinovic Property Management

Property Managers Make it Simple​

Demand for rentals is stronger than ever. But it's a far more complex business than it ever has been. Taking on all aspects of the landlord’s role, we guide our clients with professional, tailored advice using our extensive experience and insight in the Hutt Valley & Wellington rental market that can only be built over time.

Snowballing Compliance Requirements

There is so much more to be aware of, and more changes will be coming up. Many can find it difficult to stay on top of and comply correctly. Our clients are kept updated on upcoming changes and what is needed to be compliant.

Finding the Right Tenants is #1 Priority

Selecting great, reliable tenants is important to the success of your investment. We thoroughly review all prospective tenants using industry-lead background checks, including credit, landlord and employer checks, plus online screenings.

Our contacts in corporate relocations, embassies, high commissions, the film industry, and government departments help us tenant properties fast to reliable tenants. Our average occupancy rate is 51.7 weeks annually.

Regular Property Inspections

Our team completes inspections 1 month after the tenancy starts, and every 3 months following to ensure the entire property is thoroughly checked and photographed, keeping track of the condition and any maintenance needed.

Access to Industry Connections

Have access to tradie contacts, actioning maintenance needs quickly and to a high standard. When you're with us, you get prioritised by tradespeople.

Detailed Photo Records​

We take hundreds of photos recording the condition of the property at the tenancy start, plus additional photos of any concerns at inspections. Final inspection photos are used to compare, showing tenants why their bond is needed.

Regional Disaster Risk​

People can struggle in a disaster, not knowing what steps to take. Our emergency process was 100% effective during the last earthquake, ensuring everyone was safe, properties were quickly and thoroughly checked, and tradespeople prioritised our clients.


How We Work

We're Exclusively Residential

This keeps us focused on being the best in the industry and are leaders in Hutt Valley & Wellington residential property management.

Knowledgeable & Professional

With 30+ years experience, our knowledge of the industry is extensive. We're serious about being the best we can be. Our team is independently reviewed regularly, so we can continue to improve our service.


We work with tenants, respecting their needs and situation when any changes or maintenance is being planned.

Frequent, Clear Communication

All our clients (owners and tenants alike) receive clear regular communication on any changes in the the tenancy or property, and actions to be taken.

Trained Experts

We have a system for keeping up with upcoming law changes, training team members on these amendments and better ways to deal with tricky situations. We keep owners updated in our monthly client newsletter and in Inspection Reports.

Great, Reliable Rent

We study the market, suggesting rent adjustments every 12 months so you get the best rent. You also receive rent the same frequency tenants pay it. We check rents daily and don’t tolerate rent arrears, ensuring you a reliable income.

Financial Transparency

Monthly financial reporting with clear expense breakdowns are provided, as well as updates during the month from your Property Manager. All financial and property reports recorded are also easily accessible in your Client Login.

Tailored Advice

30 years of experience helps us give tailored advice to owners on how their property can be improved to keep tenants happy and staying longer, while growing its value and rent.

Live Life Uninterrupted

Using a Property Manager means you don't need to be available 24/7 to manage enquiries and property administration. Instead you can be confident your work day and free-time will be uninterrupted.

Have Time to Grow Your Portfolio

Investors with large portfolios rarely manage the properties themselves. When you have a Property Manager you can use your time to search for new investment properties, expanding your portfolio.

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