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What Red Light Means for Landlords

Now that New Zealand has entered the Red Light Setting, landlords are looking once again to find out what the new guidelines are. Below we've outlined all you need to know.

Property Maintenance

Tradespeople can still visit properties to complete maintenance and repairs.

Property Inspections

In-person property inspections can continue to take place. Social distancing and mask guidelines should be followed by all involved.

Advertised Properties

Property viewings are allowed in both tenanted and vacant properties. Gloves and masks should be worn by prospective tenants and the landlord themselves. The landlord is responsible for ensuring Covid contact-tracing records are collected for each individual who arrives at the viewing.

Final Inspections, Chattels and New Tenancies

You can still complete final inspections and chattels. We recommend both services be conducted with gloves and masks 72 hours after the property has been vacated.

Tenancies Ending or Beginning

Tenancies can begin and end as normal.

Possible Disruptions that Will Affect Landlords & Tenants

For the most part, landlords can continue business as normal, following mask, social distancing and record keeping guidelines. However, if the tenant is self-isolating, unwell, or has contracted Covid-19, then you should postpone any activity that requires you or a tradesperson to enter the property until it is safe to do so. The day you plan to arrive at the property, we recommend you send the tenant a text asking them to re-confirm they are well and not self-isolating, as well as reassuring them that you too are well and not self-isolating.

If the tenancy is ending and the tenants are self-isolating, this will affect them moving out, preventing the new tenants from moving in. In the event of this, the landlords and tenants involved will need to negotiate timeframes and how best to approach the situation.

Remember we're all in this together. If you're struggling with the changing guidelines, or are worried about letting your investment property at a time like this, feel free to call us, we're here to help:

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