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Maintenance Troubleshooting


Before contacting your Property Manager refer to our maintenance troubleshooting below, you may be able to easily fix it yourself in no time.


How do I clean up mould?

You can clean hard surfaces with a mixure of dishwashing soap and water, or use Exit Mould Spray Cleaner, available at most supermarkets. You may have to scrub with a brush. Rinse the area with clean water and dry quickly by wiping away the water and/or using a fan. 


Chlorine bleach is another option that will kill mould growing on surfaces. It does not kill mould spores in the air. If you use bleach, scrub the surface first with water and detergent. Water down the chlorine bleach (use approximately 1:10 ratio). Spray or sponge the bleach on the mouldy area. Leave it on for approximately 15 minutes, then rinse the area and dry quickly.

Caution: Never mix chlorine bleach with products that contain ammonia or acids because you will make a deadly gas. Keep chlorine bleach out of the reach of children and pets. Remember, chlorine bleach takes the colour out of most fabrics and rugs. Be careful not to spill or splash.

How do I remove soap scum & mould in shower?

Shower cleaning sprays are usually effective if used regularly on a clean surface. If soap scum/dirt has built up, we suggest a diluted bleach solution (1 part bleach to two parts water) to remove mould. White vinegar in the same ratio will have the same effect. If sensitive, use rubber gloves and face mask. Harsh abrasive brushes, scrubbing pads or similar are not necessary and should not be used, as these will damage glass and laminated surfaces. 

If soap scum staining remains difficult to remove on glass you may wish to try a rubbing alcohol based solution or turpentine as a last resort. Do not use these products on rubber seals or fittings as damage may result. Poor onto disposable cloth or paper towel then clean glass. Always test spot. Then wash using clean water and then buff using soft cloth or towel, Results will be largely down to how much effort or elbow grease is used. 

Preventing Shower Glass Staining

Glass is porous and this provides an ideal surface for shower grime to adhere to causing permanent staining. To prevent, always dry the glass after use with a window squeegee or dry towel. Never use abrasive cleaners, or any products containing amnonia or perodixes. When using cleaning products, check the label says suitable for glass.

Lime and Other Deposits Removal
Hard water can cause lime and other minerals to build up on your bathroom fixtures and make the bathroom cleaning a nightmare. The easiest way to remove lime or other mineral build up from your bathroom is by using an acidic cleaner. You can also try common household staples such as white vinegar, lemon juice, or a cleaner containing oxalic acid, which is best for rusty stains.

Why is my washing machine not working?

For washing machines, check the water connection hoses and taps, then turn off the machine at the wall for 15mins, before turning it back on. If the machine is still not working correctly and belongs to the property, contact your Property Manager.

Why is my oven not working?

If the oven is not heating up, or seems to not be working, check the clock or timer is not switched on - this often is the cause of this issue. If available, you can refer to the user manual.

Why is my insinkerator not working?

Often when the insinkerator stops working it's because its blocked. Though it could be faulty or rusty if it has not been used in a while. Before contacting your Property Manager, check it's unblocked, and try reset it (there will be a reset switch at the back of the insinkerator).


Things you should never place inside your insinkerator:

  • Tea bags

    • The tea leaves produce tannic acid that after time can eat into your waste disposer.

  • Coffee grounds

    • Coffee causes blockages and then reacts with the metal parts within the insinkerator.

  • Large bones

    • Small chicken and fish bones should be no trouble but a leg of lamb is seriously going to stall your system.

  • Stringy/ Plant material

    • Anything like flax gets caught around the blades causing your machine to stall. Also 2minute noodles can affect this.

  • Grit and small stones

What do I do when the shower drain is blocked?

Usually this happens because there is too much hair fallout stuck in the drain. It's easy to fix, simply lift the drain cover and pull out all the hair, then put the drain cover back over the drain.

What can I use to help clear blocked drains?

A plunger or Easy off Bam will help unblock drains (make sure you use gloves to protect yourself). If you're unsure, ring your Property Manager to discuss further. Note it could possibly be a tenant charge you have caused the blockage (eg, hair, sand etc).

I'm having problems with outside drainage?

Please turn off the water toby (location is on your information sheet) then call us. Don’t use the bathroom until the problem is fixed. 

What do I do if my power stops working?

First check to see if all the other lights in the house aren’t working. If you have a full power outage, step outside to see if it's a problem in the neighbourhood, you'll often see other houses have gone dark. If only your home is dark, check the fuse box and make sure all switches are in the right direction. If you can’t work the out the problem and know you've paid your power bill, then ring your Power Company, they will likely be able to identify the issue.

What do I do if there's no power to part of the house
If it is a modern fuse board there will be ON/OFF switches on a panel somewhere in the house, or in the garage. Check the board and see if one of the switches is thrown.  Sometimes it can just be re-set. If it won't reset, or is an old switch board, call your Property Manager.

What is an ICP Number?

When you move into your new property you may need to quote the ICP number so the power company can identify and speed up the process to get your power set up. You'll find it on your electricity meter box. Retailers are also required to print the ICP number on every invoice. It will look like 123456789DE-A9B.

Who do I contact about graffiti or tagging on my property?

With regards to this it is probably best to contact your Property Manager regarding tagging unless you have felt threatened. Call the police if you have identified the offender.

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