Top Maintenance Tips for Wellington Properties

Need help reducing tenant turnover and keeping tenants happy? Here are some top tips to help keep your Wellington rental property in ship shape and keep your tenants staying for longer.

Check For Dux Quest

Dux Quest, which is black in colour, was used heavily in properties built in the 1970’s and 1980’s is still in 2016 causing issues in New Zealand homes. Dux Quest was one of the first forms of plastic piping, and if the rental was built in the 1970’s or 1980’s and has had no renovations since, it’s almost certain there is the nasty black piping that often bursts years after installation.

Before purchasing the property, it’s best to ask a plumber to check for Dux Quest to avoid investing into a property that will likely have serious future maintenance issues. If your Wellington property already has Dux Quest, you may be best to replace all the piping – it’s a costly job, but leaving the pipes as they are will likely deteriorate the walls, creating a far higher cost in the long-run, especially as insurance companies often don’t cover claims due to leaks where Dux Quest is at fault and its existence known prior to the incident.

Ask A Roofing Contractor To Report On The Roof’s Condition

If the roof is aging, ask a roofing contractor to check the roof’s condition to prevent water damage on your Wellington rental property, and help prevent future maintenance issues. A roof inspection covers the general condition of the roof, fixings, gutters (including internal gutters), chimneys, flues, and valleys, which is important for the general weather tightness of your rental investment property.

Are There Any Dripping Taps?

Dripping taps are a key maintenance issue that are good to look into, as excessive hot water usage accounts for one-third of a power bill and encourages condensation, causing mould within rental properties. Repairing and tightening dripping taps will significantly reduce power bills, and decrease the occurrence of water damage in the property, making both property owners and tenants happy in the long-term.

Do The Plumbing Fixtures Need To Be Replaced?

Broken plumbing fixtures are known to cause significant water damage in properties, making it a key maintenance item to watch for. When looking at broken plumbing fixtures, two factors should be considered to help decide whether you need to replace or repair. First and foremost, check the age of the fixtures; if it’s more than 10 years old replacing the fixtures may be the best option to prevent costly and on-going future costs. This leads into considering what the overall cost of repairing versus replacing is. Temporary bandages are always a tempting solution, but repairing fixtures correctly can sometimes end up being more expensive compared to simply replacing with new fixtures. Also, repairs generally won’t last long before further repairs are needed. Maintaining rental properties can be costly, but it is worth preventing future maintenance issues to help keep yourself and tenants happy.

Take A Look At The Hot Water Cylinder

Checking the cylinder’s insulation is a good idea, as before 2002 most hot water cylinders were not well insulated, and should be wrapped in specially designed insulation to help the hot water cylinder continue running efficiently. Wrapping the hot water cylinder will help keep bills down and tenants happy all year round, helping to reduce tenant turnover in your Wellington rental property, making this a key maintenance tip to consider.

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