The Latest on Smoke Alarm & Insulation

Changes are happening in the residential world this year – the Residential Tenancy Bill has been passed in hopes to improve New Zealand housing standards and create warm, dry, safe homes that will reduce respiratory-induced hospitalisation and house fires throughout New Zealand.

This means landlords have until 1st July 2016 to install fire alarms into all rental properties. Requirements declare that these smoke alarms must be installed in specific locations within households, need to be working, and include long life batteries and a photoelectric sensor. However once installed, tenants are responsible for replacing the batteries and informing property owners or managers of any defects.

More insulation requirements have also been declared. Property owners are now obligated to provide a statement within in all new tenancy agreements created from 1st July 2016 about the insulation’s location, type, and condition. 

The Sustainability Trust is providing these reports for free, making the process nice and easy for property owners nationwide. It’s best not to take your chances, as this reform also provides the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment with more powers to investigate and prosecute property owners.

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