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The Benefits of LED Lightbulbs in Rental Properties

It’s a question on everyone’s mind at the moment, with so many brands and different price points available, it’s hard to know what’s best and if these LED light bulbs will actually do as they say.

The Basic Idea

Appearance wise, LEDs don’t look too different from your standard incandescent bulbs and downlights, and can be used in most light fittings within households. But underneath all this is where all the benefits are. Depending on the brand, LEDs can use up to 90% less electricity than other lightbulbs, meaning countless homes can reduce their power bills by up to 25% annually – leaving you to spend your money on more exciting things. What’s more, this reduction in electricity means these bulbs generate less heat, allowing some certified brands to enable insulation to be placed on top of downlights - helping reduce heat escaping and keeping your bills low. For the landlord this means a more appealing property that tenants will pay more for.

Will LEDs Make a Difference To Your Property?

Getting value for money is what we’re all looking for, and when it comes to LEDs, getting the brands with the higher prices is the best way to go if you want to make a significant difference to the power bill (and to the appeal to tenants) and to reducing the frequency of blown bulbs.

We have all been tempted by the cheap prices, but too many property owners are buying cheap LED bulbs from supermarkets then complaining that all LEDs are a waste of time because there was no difference in their power bill and it blew within a year.

Another temptation is to just get the spiral Energy Savers, but that’s old technology created a decade ago, which not only don’t look great but are not as energy efficient. The higher priced LEDs are best because they contain the latest technological developments in the field using higher quality materials, and some are even designed specifically for the New Zealand environment, creating their high efficiently and longevity.

Price equals quality in the light bulb product category, and though the start off cost can be pricey, considering that some brands can last decades before blowing it’s definitely an investment to consider for the long-term. This is especially the case in situations where the landlord is required to cover the cost of replacing the bulbs.

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