How You Can Achieve Great Rental Property Photos

The fastest way to generate interest towards your rental property is by providing high-quality photos that show it at its best and help tenants imagine themselves living in your property.

Clean Clean Clean

Spend a few minutes cleaning the space to help show the property at its best. If possible remove the clutter so the room is bare, otherwise just neaten up and rearrange.

Lighting is Key

Tenants tend to prefer sunny and bright homes, plus good lighting helps the room appear more welcoming and allows tenants to have clear look at the details of the room. If you can, natural light is best and try to avoid too many shadows to show the place to its best advantage.

Photograph The Rooms As It’ll Be Rented

Is the property going to be furnished or unfurnished? Show the room as it will be shown at the viewing to avoid misunderstandings and allow tenants the opportunity to see themselves in the property as they will receive it.

Low Angles Make Rooms Look Bigger

When in doubt low angles are best, this angle helps rooms appear more spacious and allows you to get floor-to-ceiling shots enabling prospective tenants to see as much of the room as possible.

Photograph Every Room

Don’t make the mistake of believing the only rooms worth taking photos of are the kitchen and bedrooms, remember the hallways, laundry room, patio, backyard, and the garage are important too and will help prospective tenants get a full view of the property, understand what it has to offer them, and help give them the motivation to get off their couch and book a viewing.


Taking good professional-looking photos is worth the effort if you want to increase tenant demand towards your property and reduce vacancy periods.

Luckily you don’t need to do this at the end of each tenancy, and can usually get away with using the same photos for an extended period as the property is unlikely to change too much from one tenancy to another.

Your ultimate goal is to get people coming to your property so make sure your photos show your investment at its best!

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