How To Cut Down Your Power Bill Today!

It’s easy to find your power bill burning a hole in your wallet. Here are some smart ways to reduce your power bill this winter.

Light Up Your Life With LED Light bulbs

Though more expensive than the bulbs from the supermarket, LED lightbulbs are the most energy efficient lighting option available, making this an easy solution to reducing your power bill. A typical light bulb uses a small amount of electricity to create light and a huge amount to make itself burn hot. LEDs use new technology that generates up to 90% less heat, meaning it can use up to 90% less electricity than other light bulbs, helping reduce electricity bills by up to 25% annually.

Wrap Up Your Cylinder

Bring down your power bill by wrapping up your hot water cylinder with insulation. Before 2002, most hot water cylinders were not insulated correctly and now need to be wrapped in specially designed insulation to help keep hot water bills down.

Switch Off At The Wall

Appliances are a hidden cost that can get expensive on your power bill. According to Energy Wise, while on standby-mode appliances can cost you more than $100 annually in power bills. Try turning appliances off at the wall when you’re finished with them and you’ll soon see the savings on your power bill.

Banish Moisture

A warm, dry home is easier to heat than a cold, mould-invested property. Regularly open windows to air out moisture, and purchase extractor fans for the kitchen and bathroom, and a dehumidifier to remove moisture from the rest of the property.

Stop Draughts

Tighten hinges, catches and latches so they fit their frames snugly, and use draught stoppers throughout the home to reduce heat loss and remove that chilly draught. Fit weather stripping around windows and doors to seal gaps – they're cheap to buy and easy to install. Look for self-adhesive V-seals, its versatility allows it to mould itself to the gap, and can be used on windows, and both hinged and sliding doors without interfering with their mobility.

Seal Up Your Home With Insulation

You can never have too much insulation, typically 50% of your heating will escape through your windows, walls, floor and roof. Getting an insulation inspection is usually free, and the New Zealand government is currently providing the Warm Up New Zealand – Heat Smart Programme to allow eligible pre-20000 properties to receive 60-90% subsidies off total insulation costs, helping create warmer, energy efficient kiwi homes.

Dress For The Weather

If you can wear a t-shirt around your house then your thermostat is too high. Try lowering the temperature of your heater and dress for the weather. Get in the habit of wearing more than just t-shirt and shorts around the home, you’ll be surprised by how comfortable you are and by how much your heating bill goes down!

Heat Up With Efficiency

Labelled as the most energy efficient heating option on the market, heat pumps can help create a warmer, more comfortable home. When chosen well, a heat pump can efficiently heat large areas and effectively reduce heating bills. Some heat pumps also have a dehumidifier option, helping reduce mould and create a warmer, dryer living environment for you to enjoy.

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