Low-Cost Ways to Improve the Kitchen & Grow Tenant Demand

The kitchen is the heart of most homes making it a significant selling point for many rental properties in Wellington - Check out these tips to help improve your rental value!

Repaint Cupboard Doors

Damaged old cupboard doors can cheapen the property in the tenant’s eyes. Brightening up the kitchen can be easy with a fresh coat of paint!

Install Floating Shelves

Without taking up too much space, floating shelves can help make small kitchens seem bigger, helping your investment property become more attractive to tenants.

Replace Cupboard Handles

The easiest way to modernise any kitchen is to replace the cupboard handles – budget-friendly and easy, what more could you ask for! Don’t miss the change to do this while repainting.

Brighten Up the Walls

Generally kitchens aren’t too large, making painting easy and cost-efficient, while being significantly effective in attracting tenants during viewings! White is a great “go-to” colour in kitchens, making the room look modern, light and larger.

Lighten Up

A bare bulb can lower the attractiveness of a room, as can an old dusty lamp shade. Spend $20 and instantly brighten the kitchen with a modern lampshade to attract tenants during viewings.

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