Best Heating Options for Wellington Rental Properties

Efficient heating is a priority for most Wellington tenants during their hunt for rental properties, and now with the upcoming Healthy Homes Standard, it's a priority for landlords too.

Landlords are hopefully feeling positive about this change, because adding great heating does make the property more attractive to tenants, who are usually willing to pay more rent for a warmer property and will likely stay longer, reducing turnover costs.

Upcoming Healthy Homes Standard

  • Heating must be able to maintain a temperature of 18 deg C in the main living area.

  • Heaters must be fixed and at least 1.5kW.

  • Electric heaters only allowed in rooms that need 2.4kW heating or less.

  • Open fires and unflued gas heaters are non-compliant.

  • There are exemptions where it is not reasonably practicable to install a compliant heater, or in passive buildings.

Heat Pumps

Labelled as the most energy efficient heating option on the market, heat pumps are moderately-priced, produce instant heat, and have low running costs, making them a great option to help increase your investment's rental value and keep tenants warm and happy all year round.

Placing a heat pump in the main living areas will help create a healthier more comfortable home for tenants and encourage them to stay longer, lowering the costs of tenant turnover. Plus, since properties are already insulated, generally a smaller heat pump can be used to heat the property efficiently.

When choosing a heat pump get the best size for the room to promote the most efficiency, and purchase a quality brand with at least 5 years warranty to minimise any possible maintenance costs in the future.

Fixed Panel Heaters

Fixed panel heaters don't provide instant heat, but are efficient at creating background heat over time, making them a good option for many rental properties.

Panel heaters are a very cost-effective heating option for both the landlord and tenant. These panels are not hot enough to burn pets or children’s hands, helping increase the property’s attractiveness to families and pet owners. These heaters are wall-mounted and can be electric, more suited for smaller living areas.

A good option is a slim radiator electric panel, as these are cheap and easy to install. If you wanted to take it a step further, you can paint the panels to match the interior, for this Resene recommends their waterbourne paint.

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