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Wood or Carpet? What's Best For Your Rental Property

Are you considering having the flooring replaced in your Wellington investment property? Take a look at these pros and cons before you make your decision.

The Benefits of Hardwood

Hardwood floors are longer lasting, and can be refinished many times to freshen up the rental and instantly add appeal to prospective tenants. Though it generally has a higher initial cost than carpets, hardwood usually lasts a lot longer than carpets, and can survive any accidental spills by tenants and their guests, helping protect your property from damage. However wooden floors do make spills, pet hair, and debris more noticeable, causing tenants to need to vacuumed and mopped the floor more often than the once a week vacuum carpets tend to require.

The Benefits of Carpet

Wood flooring needs to be nailed down, glued and clicked into place, making carpet the easier, faster, and cheaper alternative to install within rental properties. To extend its life in the rental, steam clean the carpets once a year to remove any allergens and other debris that sink into the carpet. Carpets also have the appeal of being quiet and warm, which can help your property attract good tenants that are willing to stay longer, decreasing tenant turnover costs.


Whether you choose carpet or wood, both will help freshen up your investment property, add rental value, and increase tenant demand for the property, making both alternatives profitable investments. What’s best for your rental property depends on the climate, in Wellington tenants tend to enjoy the comfort and warmth carpets, making the property feel more homely. However in other climates where warmth isn’t such a concern, wood could be seen as the better alternative as it’s easier to clean, doesn’t stain and is usually longer-lasting and more durable than carpet, making this a good option for Wellington rental properties.

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