What Tenants Look For at Viewings

We all want to know the secret to attracting good tenants. This week we look into the common elements tenants are looking for during property viewings to help you achieve your goals in attracting good, reliable tenants that stay longer.

Location Location Location

Location is more than just being in a friendly neighbourhood. These days many tenants also want to be near at least one public transport system to help them access and enjoy every day life in their community, making this a huge factor for many tenants in Wellington. Tenants also usually want to be near local amenities, such as village shops and parks. Accessibility is key to attracting tenants and encouraging them to stay longer, ensure you highlight these advantages at your next viewing to help attract good tenants at the rent you want.

Within The Building Itself

Look for any damage within your property. Cracked paint, mould and water damage are important factors that should be considered, as these can often be the red flag that turns away otherwise happy candidates. Consider providing insulation and a heat pump, as these are other strong sales points many tenants look for. Warm, dry healthy homes are becoming more and more popular within all tenant categories. By adding these features you are fulfilling the market's need, making your investment property more attractive, and also enabling yourself to increase the rent as a result, a win-win for all!

The Exterior

First impressions begin with the tenant's first glace at your property's front door. In that moment they are already thinking about what rent they are willing to spend, and whether or not this is the house for them. For less than $100 you can repaint the front door, get a new letterbox, mow the lawn, and spruce up that old fence, helping you create a good first impression and potentially allowing an increase in the rent value as well.

The Bottom-Line

Tenants are a picky bunch and with good reason. They’re interested in how the property looks now, not what it could be with renovations and redecoration. They’re usually going to be there for 1 – 2 years and want the property to be the best home it can be during that time. Ensuring your property looks its best is a good way to encourage the best tenants to seriously consider your property at the viewing, and can helps increase the rental value of your investment property, giving you and the tenants very positive outcomes.

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