Preparing Rental Properties for Winter Market

Winter is fast approaching, making now the perfect time to start preparing your rental property from weather damage, and keep your tenants happy.

Protect Against Dampness

Dampness and mould, the Wellington landlord’s great nemesis. Being preventative is key, make the property as sunny as possible by pruning or cutting down surrounding trees that shade the property, and encourage tenants to regularly open windows for airflow. If you know your property often gets damp, providing tenants with a dehumidifier is a great, cost-efficient way to maintain your investment property and keep your tenants happy.

Clean The Gutters

Never underestimate the damage overflowing gutters can cause to your rental property if they’re not cleared of debris. The leaking it causes can create a huge amount of expensive interior and exterior property damage – potentially lowering the property value, rent value, and tenant demand. Protect your property by regularly clearing the gutters, and install leaf guards on the gutters and extensions on the downspouts to direct water off the property.

Choose The Best Heating

Good heating is a huge draw cart for tenants, heat pumps being the most attractive option. Heat pumps are a one-off cost for landlords that quickly pays itself off with its rent increase, and reduces the fire risk other heaters have.

Defend The Property From Draughts

Protect your property & tenants from chilly winds with a few cost-efficient solutions. Tighten or repair door hinges, add weather stripping to seal gaps around windows and doors, and fit draught stoppers under doors to significantly improve the living conditions of your property and help reduce tenant turnover by keeping your tenants happy.

Interested in more ways to improve your property? Ask us for a Property Improvement Report where we provide a report outlining cost-efficient ways you an improve your investment.

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