Our Earthquake Emergency Process

We heard it coming, we felt it when it arrived, the big 7.8 earthquake that shook the Capital last week shocked us all. It’s easy to lose form when disaster-level events occur, but thankfully we are prepared for such events and on Monday morning we followed our procedure to ensure your investment properties and tenants were safe from harm.

First thing Monday morning Robbie emailed all tenants asking them to report any damage within their property. Following this he emailed all owners advising that we were working with the tenants and will inspect properties following their responses. We then sought information from body corporates on the condition of the buildings, and worked to relocate tenants who were in unsafe buildings.

Since the earthquake our property managers have inspected their properties to check for damage, and took photos for insurance if needed.

Following the earthquake, we have received a large amount of positive feedback from tenants and landlords on our response, however we will be reviewing how things worked out to see if we need to change or improve our response.

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