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How to Write Listings for Rental Properties

Writing rental property listings in Wellington can be a discouraging process. With so many listings added every day it’s easy for prospective tenants to get distracted, and it can feel like nobody is paying attention to your property. This is what you can do to help your Wellington rental property stand out from the crowd.

1. Take Professional Photos

Photos attract the eye and help tenants imagine themselves in your rental property. To get prospective tenants off their computers and at your property’s front door you need to show the rental property at its best. Hiring a professional photographer saves you the time and effort, and they have the skills, equipment and editing software that can make the dullest room shine within a few hours of work. These photos can be used in future years, making this an excellent long-term investment.

2. Be Concise And Clear

Only promise what you can realistically deliver, and avoid over-exaggerated embellishment. Tenants tend to skim property listings; making the description clear and concise helps tenants clearly see the property’s selling points and not miss anything.

3. Don’t Price Too High

Price you rental property to the market. If you price rent too high you risk weeks of vacancy and cash out of your pockets for unpaid rent. It’s risky to set a high rent in listings, as tenants tend to disregard properties advertised above market and may never see them as they may set the filters on Trade Me in such a way that excludes those they consider outside the “market” rent.

To capture interest set a reasonable rent for the market. Once you have a pool of prospective tenants mention the amount of high interest to these potential tenants and suggest a higher rent – you will be surprised how many tenants will be willing to negotiate once they’ve viewed the property. We recommend taking care to advertise at a reasonable rental figure and can provide advice on this – click here to go to

4. Be Seasonally Minded

Consider the time of year when writing your property description, and highlight the amenities that are attractive in the season you’re listing in. In winter it’s a good idea to highlight the property’s heating options, lighting, and other features that will make your rental property seem cosy and inviting. In the summer, draw attention to the garden, deck, and proximity to the local pool or park.

5. Don’t Let Yourself Get To The Bottom Of The List

Rental properties are listed every day, causing previous listings to be pushed further and further down the list. The further down the list you are, the less likely tenants will be able to find your listing, potentially extending your vacancy period and costing you more money. Plus the longer you stay on the list the less attractive your property becomes, as tenants may question why your property has been vacant for so long and assume the worst.


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