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How the Quinovic Care System Can Help You

Our Quinovic Care system delivers you the best tenants, the best rental, the least time between tenants, the least expense on maintenance, and no stress.

We manage quality properties, which attract high calibre tenants. We screen all candidates rigorously and place the best.

We handle everything for you – legal paperwork, payments, hard conversations, rent increases. Our Quinovic Care wheel is a simple way to shows how we approach managing rental properties, taking all the stress away from the owner.

If you're considering Property Management get in touch with us today. Locally owned and managed, we offer residential property management services across the entire Wellington & Hutt Valley region.

We take care of investments, offering peace of mind and a personal service to investors and tenants alike. Our solutions are backed by industry-leading technology and proven systems that promote both excellent property care and strong investment returns. Taking on all aspects of the landlord’s role, we guide our clients with professional, tailored advice using our extensive experience and insight in the rental market that can only be built over time.

Discover how our Care & Return System will benefit you. Receive a a no-obligation, FREE Rental Appraisal today!

Quinovic Johnsonville | Wellington

Call Jordan Atkinson - 027 297 0873

Quinovic Hutt Valley | Wellington

Call Helen Vance - 027 487 8103

Quinovic Kent Terrace | Wellington

Call Jordan Atkinson - 027 297 0873

Quinovic Wellington Property Managers


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