Testimonials from Johnsonville Clients
Daniel, Investor

The team at Quinovic Johnsonville have always been outstanding. They are quick to address issues and keep me regularly updated. I am delighted with the overall service; they earn my highest recommendation. I cannot thank them enough for their incredible support over many years.

Google Review, March 2020

Jay, Tenant


I'm a renter with Quinovic Johnsonville for a few years now. They've always been professional and helpful. Houses need repairs from time to time and they've been on time and efficient with how they deal with it. Highly recommended.

Google Review, August 2019

Murray & Cols, Investors


The team at Johnsonville were fantastic from the start, they listened and understood our problems with our last property manager and gave measured commitments on the service we would receive. The good service continues with considered communications and advice and rapid resolution to challenges in both accounting and maintenance.

Brought their four Churton Park properties to us early 2018.

Elizabeth, Investor


I had progressively purchased and managed myself three properties and in 2008 added a fourth to my portfolio. Managing another would be little further trouble I reasoned , after all, I had always found tenants easily, they had stayed long term and I had encountered few problems over the years. But this time was different and after 6 weeks there was little response to my marketing efforts. So a call to Quinovic and within a week a suitable tenancy had been arranged! The efficiency was impressive, but what has been really amazing was my personal attitudinal change to managing my property. From acting alone, I quickly became part of an effective and professional team!

Testimonial from 2007, still a happy client, now with 3 more rentals here and in the UK!

Daniel, Investor


I just wanted to thank the team at Quinovic for pulling me out of such a bad situation with my rental property. I never got a proper opportunity to express my massive gratitude. I know they'll probably say they were 'just doing their job', but really, the positive way they dealt with the situation, scooping the entire problem and fixing it completely and so efficiently is something I will never forget.

Testimonial from 2007, still a happy client, now with 3 more rentals here and in the UK!

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