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Want to make sure you and your investment are fully protected?

The next stage of the Healthy Homes Standards rollout is fast
approaching. Now is the time for landlords across the country
to check their calculations, confirm their current levels of
compliance and get their plans into action.

It can be tempting to put a brake on making changes until
properties are legally required to comply with the standards, but
getting a plan together sooner rather than later can save you a
lot of difficulty down the line. Understanding the scope of work
required means you can budget better, spread the costs, and
avoid the last-minute rush before owners start facing fines. To
help you get started, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide
to the Healthy Homes Standards.

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Find out:
  • Compliance timeline

  • Healthy Homes Standards for Heating, Insulation, Ventilation, Moisture ingress and drainage, and draught-stoppping.

  • Exemptions

  • Statements of Compliance

  • Tips for Getting Started

Ultimate Guide to

Healthy Homes

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