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Strong Predictions in Wellington Rent Market

Whether you are considering investing in property or have already invested, you’ll want to read our latest insights on the residential Wellington rental property market.

Prediction for the Coming 12 Months

Early signs indicate an average market rent increase of around 6% this Summer. The past month has seen strong demand from prospective tenants hoping to obtain a rental property available in January and February. This is driven by the continuing shortage in supply of rental properties in Wellington caused by population growth. In Wellington alone, the population is estimated to increase by 4,083 in 2019-2020 according to the City Council. It’s unlikely enough developments will be built in time to accommodate this growth.

Prediction for 2021

By Summer 2021 significantly more developments are expected to be available for rent. These new properties will soak up demand, affecting rental properties that are in a more tired state. At this time we expect to see a split in the market with new and well-maintained properties attracting the best tenants and highest rents at the expense of more dated properties. Fortunately, those properties which haven’t been refreshed in recent years have a 12-month window to make those improvements before the supply of new builds start to affect the marketability of these properties.

If you're considering Property Management get in touch with us today. Locally owned and managed, we offer residential property management services across the entire Wellington & Hutt Valley region.

We take care of investments, offering peace of mind and a personal service to investors and tenants alike. Our solutions are backed by industry-leading technology and proven systems that promote both excellent property care and strong investment returns. Taking on all aspects of the landlord’s role, we guide our clients with professional, tailored advice using our extensive experience and insight in the rental market that can only be built over time.

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