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How Landlords Can Give Great Viewings

Even with the market as it is, it’s still important to hold great viewings to ensure not just any tenant but your ideal tenants want to put in an application for your rental property. What people think of a property is very much to do with what they know about that property. Here are our tips on providing great property viewings.

1. Daytime is Better Than Night-time

If possible, try and provide viewings during the daytime, at a time when the property receives the most sunlight. Sunlight helps people feel positive, and feeling positive about your property helps sell it to tenants, so avoid times of the day when the property is full of shadows. In addition, generous light is a huge selling point people frequently look for to avoid the increasing mould issue in Wellington rental properties.

2. Sell The Neighbourhood

Selling the neighbourhood as well as the property is key. Landlords often forget that the area their investment property is in has its own selling points that will interest prospective tenants. Is there a local pool or park? Is it a quiet, friendly neighbourhood? Does minimal traffic pass through? For example, when advertising in Brooklyn don’t forget to mention the Penthouse Cinema, Salty Pigeon Bistro and the lively village shops. It’s also worth mentioning the proximity to the city and good access to public transport, as these important factors may be unknown to non-Wellingtonians.

3. Mention The Earthquake

Did your rental property survive the earthquake with barely any damage, or better yet none? Mention it! Some Wellington properties can’t say the same. Don’t be afraid to mention earthquakes, as it’s still on everyone’s mind, and highlighting the property’s stability can help reassure people your property is safe to live in (an obviously huge selling point since November 2016), plus the fact you brought it up shows you have nothing to hide.

4. Don’t Forget The Less Obvious Things

Point out the less obvious features, such as smoke alarms, insulation, and built-in wardrobes. These can be missed by tenants when viewing the property, so ensure they have a clear understanding of everything the property offers.

5. Be Wary Of Mass Viewings

It’s tempting to be time efficient and organise a single time for everyone interested to view the property at once, but these viewings can easily get out of hand. One reason being it’s hard to control the number of people who will turn up, especially in the current property market, where property interest is high. Too many people can be a disadvantage, not only for security reasons, but because many ideal tenants may be put off by applying for properties where the competition is high, and they don’t get a chance to be sufficiently interviewed by you to give a good impression. Plus, it can be hard for tenants to get a good look at the property, and see themselves living in it when they’re constantly banging into the 50 other people also viewing the property.


There’s an overflow of tenants at the moment searching for properties, but that doesn’t mean you should get slack. You want the best tenant for your property, who will be reliable and considerate, pay rent on time, and take care of your property, which means it’s still important to hold great viewings to encourage your ideal tenants to put in an application for your property.

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