Testimonials from Clients at Quinovic Kent Terrace
David, Investor


We have had excellent service for the last six years with letting and managing our apartment.

Google Review, 2020

Mark, Tenant


Bev has been an excellent property manager. Since we moved in every issue has been taken care of promptly. She's always quick to respond and we'd definitely recommend her to any potential tenants

Google Review, 2021

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Peter & Trish, Investors


Quinovic is easy to deal with and they support landlords. Thank you for being there Quiniovic!

NPS Client Survey, 2020

Quinovic Wellington Property Management
Darnell, Tenant


I have found Quinovic to be a highly efficient and professional agency to deal with. All staff have delivered a consistently high standard of management. Quinovic  readily accessible and have always administers services quickly, effectively and professionally.

Google Review, 2020

Juan, Investor


Friendly and very willing staff for any type of question, it has been very helpful.

Google Review, 2020

Scarlett, Tenant


I have had a really positive experience renting through Quinovic. I had Sharon Semu as my property manager and she was very easy to communicate with and always replied promptly, whether it involved a maintenance request or a general enquiry. She was a great property manager and gave appropriate notice for any inspections or general work that was going to happen on our building which was great! :)

Google Review, 2020

Quinovic Wellington Property Management Lower Hutt (14).jpg
Phil & Sandra, Investors


Quinovic has been very efficient, finding us a great tenant, getting market rent and when managing our property. We get reports on the status of our property on a regular basis. Very happy with the service provided. 


Google Review, 2020

Quinovic Wellington Property Management
Katherine, Tenant


Beverley is the best!! She answers all of our questions promptly & whenever we need help with something or need something fixed she gets it sorted within days. Very happy with our experience with Quinovic.

Google Review, 2020

Quinovic Wellington Property Management
Jan, Investor


Helpful staff who get back to you quickly. This is a business that is genuinely service oriented. We need more of them!!

Google Review, 2020

Quinovic Wellington Property Management
Quinovic Wellington Property Management
Quinovic Wellington Property Management
Cathy, Tenant


Absolutely love living at the property we rent. Bev is our property manager, she is easy to communicate with really helpful & efficient.

Google Review, 2020

Kate, Investor


Throughout my long association with Kent Terrace, especially with Joanne, I have experienced excellent management of my property; she has kept me informed and responded immediately when I needed advice and action.

NPS Client Survey, 2019

Jane, Tenant


My Quinovic property manager Sharon Semu has been consistently courteous, reasonable and helpful and matters have always been attended to promptly. Flat inspections have been respectful and feedback constructive.

Google Review, 2020

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Ahmed, Tenant


I was a tenant at a property managed by Quinovic for 1 year. I have full peace of mind, that through the year Sharon Semu has represented us with utmost professionalism and sincerity. During that time Sharon Semu was very respectful and ensured that any issues I had with the property were rectified immediately - and with quality work done. Very easy to communicate with and great staff. Thanks Sharon, Thanks Team Quinovic.

Google Review, 2020

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