Advanced Copy of WOF AVAILABLE

The Wellington City Council has partnered with public health experts at the University of Otago, Wellington to create a voluntary Warrant of Fitness scheme and app for Wellington rental properties.

The WOF can give prospective tenants the assurance that the property meets the standard.

We called Lucy Telfar-Barnard, one of the health experts who lead the development.  She provided us with an advanced copy of the WOF’s 29-Point Criteria and accompanying Manual - now you can see what rental property features will be assessed, what questions will be asked about your investment property, and understand the assessment criteria.

The 29-Point Criteria are as Follows:

  1. Is there a functional, safe stove-top and oven? (Yes/no)

  2. Is there adequate space for food preparation and storage? (Yes/no)

  3. Is there an adequate supply of hot and cold potable water? (Yes/no)

  4. Is the hot-water at the tap 55°C (±5°C?) (Yes/no)

  5. Is there a functional toilet, which does not have a cracked or broken seat, cistern or bowl? (Yes/no)

  6. Is there a suitably located bath or shower in good working order? (Yes/no)

  7. Are there secure or high level cupboards or shelves for storing hazardous or toxic substances out of children's reach? (Yes/no)

  8. Is there a adequate form of safe and effective space heating? (Yes/no)

  9. Do the bathroom, kitchen and all bedrooms have some form of ventilation to outside? (Yes/no)

  10. Is the house reasonably free of visible mould, i.e. the total area of mould is less than an A4 sheet of paper? (Yes/no)

  11. Are power outlets, light switches and wiring safe and in good working order? (Yes/no)

  12. Is there adequate indoor lighting? (Yes/no)

  13. Does the house have adequate working smoke alarms? (Yes/no)

  14. Have the windows got effective latches? (Yes/no)

  15. Do high level windows have security stays to prevent falls? (Yes/no)

  16. Are there curtains or blinds in the bedrooms and living area? (Yes/no)

  17. Do glass doors have safety visibility strips? (Yes/no)

  18. Does the house have ceiling insulation to WOF standards? (Yes/no)

  19. Does the house have underfloor insulation to WOF standards? (Yes/no)

  20. Is a ground vapour barrier installed under the ground floor? (Yes/no)

  21. Is the house weathertight with no evident leaks, or moisture stains on the walls or ceiling? (Yes/no)

  22. Is the house in a reasonable state of repair? (Yes/no)

  23. Is the storm and waste water drainage being adequately discharged? (Yes/no)

  24. Is there any water ponding under the house? (Yes/no)

  25. Is there adequate outdoor lighting near entrance ways? (Yes/no) 26. Does the house appear to be structurally sound? (Yes/no)

  26. Does the house appear to be structurally sound? (Yes/no)

  27. Are there handrails for all internal stairs and all outdoor steps that access the house, and do balconies/decks have balustrades to the current Building Code? (Yes/no)

  28. Is the address clearly labelled and identifiable? (Yes/no)

  29. Are there securely locking doors? (Yes/no)

Quinovic Wellington Property Managers

Article written: August 2017

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