A Personal Approach


Our service is personalised to ensure each client has the best possible experience.


We're committed to keeping you well informed and up-to-date on all important aspects relating to your investment, as well as provide tailored advice using our years of experience in the Wellington rental property market.


What Makes Us Different?

Our New Business Team provides owners up-to-date rental appraisals with advice on the current market and how you can grow your investment to maximise its success.


Our Showings Team organises and provides property showings six days a week, provides feedback to Property Managers about the applicants themselves, plus their comments on the property. We are always present at all property viewings, and never hand over the keys for viewings.


Our Property Inspectors conduct ongoing inspections every 13 weeks (four times annually) to ensure your property's condition is maintained and cleaned during the tenancy.


Our Property Managers respond to owner and tenant queries, carry out detailed tenant pre- and post tenancy inspections, and liaise with you regarding the final selection of new tenants, and signing them on.



Our Management Processes


How We Advertise and Find Tenants Fast


  • We advertise online as well as send our For Rent newsletter straight to the inboxes of approximately 700 prospective tenants who are currently searching the Wellington market.


  • Our contacts in corporate relocations, embassies, high commissions, the movie industry, and government departments also help us tenant properties fast to reliable tenants.



Our Approach to Selecting Reliable Tenants


  • Our tenant selection starts during the Property Showing. Here we chat to the applicants to get an impression of their character, then pass on applicant recommendations to the Property Manager.


  • To help us get a good understanding of their character, reliability and current situation, we call three of their references, including their current employer and landlord.


  • We also perform a credit check to show whether the prospective tenant has a history of non-payment of debts. If the tenant passes our checks we then contact the owner to give them the final say.



How We Look After Maintenance


  • We're able to receive and respond to maintenance calls from tenants any time, and use only the best skilled and trusted tradespeople, most of whom we've used for many years.



Reporting To You


At the Beginning of Each Tenancy


  • Detailed entry condition reports are prepared before the commencement of each tenancy. These include a comprehensive property condition report along with detailed property condition photographs, which in some cases may number to over 500 images.



For Property Inspections


  • Four routine inspections are conducted per year, with the results reported to you and the tenants. These inspections are performed in every case – not on an ‘as needed’ basis determined by the property manager. The reason for this is that we are checking to ensure the tenants are looking after the property appropriately and also for other property maintenance items such as leaks and mould. This frequency of inspection is also a requirement of some insurance policies.


  • A thorough final inspection is performed at the end of each tenancy. We compare the current condition of the property with the entry report and photos.


Financial Reports


  • You receive a financial report on the first business day of each month, and can also view and print up to the minute financial reports from the secure client login area of our website


  • On the 1st of April each year we provide you with a partially completed rental property tax return (IR3R) which reduces the time taken by your accountant to prepare the final tax return, which in turn reduces accounting fees charged.



Owner login


Once you become an owner, you have 24 hours per day access to up to the minute financial reports, tenant details and letting instructions via our Owner Login. 


Feel free to demo our Owners Login here and see what our clients see.

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